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Services and Rates

Intuitive healing session - $125.00

These are a few of the modalities used in the intuitive healing sessions.

Reflexology - Reflexology is the art of applying gentle pressure to the foot in areas of reflex points.It is beneficial to relaxation and stimulating reflex points to support in overall well-being.  It enables your body to concentrate healing energies wherever they are needed.  It is a complimentary care along with other methods whether they are Western or Eastern Medicine.   

Reiki - Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy.  It is a gentle method of hands-on healing.  Reiki is not massage, but rather a technique that addresses both chronic and acute conditions, gently and powerfully promoting balance among all the body's systems and the regenerative processes of body and mind.  

Attunements If you feel you need a Reiki attunement to be back in tune or to get a higher vibration.  $30


Animal Communication - $25 up to $75 depending on the length and/or depth of the conversation

Animal communication- Ever wonder what your animal is thinking, or need?  Animal Communication can help with behavior problems. Animals can give you insight into what they need.  They can even help you with your needs. Let me help you with this.  

If you have a lost animal give me a call I will do my best to reconnect you and them.

Sacred Passage Doula prices - Consulting $20 per hour and bedside $50 per hour

Sacred Passage Doula (end of life doula)- I can help you prepare for your desires and wishes during and after your passage. I can also be at your bedside should you want someone close by if family or friends can not be there.




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